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The 16th Annual Cardboard*Con
will be on March 1, 2025!!

HISTORY OF THE BADJ – Our original web programmer spelled "badge" as "badj" and it has become a Cardboard*Con tradition to refer to it that way. If you've read the rules correctly you'll print out a copy and attach it to your costume - scale it as appropriate using your printer's advanced scaling features, the ones you probably don't understand. Please note that this Offishul Badj will NOT get you into Cardboard*Con. However, it's safe to say that it won't get you kicked out, either. In fact, it doesn't do a whole lot of anything.


Is TOTALLY FREE! Do not wait around like dumb people, sign up now!

For Limited Tim: Download 2024 Badj!!

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Badj Order Button

This button is clearly not working. Listen, this is the webmaster here, just go ahead and sneak into the convention. They don't even check badjs. Just be sure to wear cardboard and try to blend in. If anybody asks where your badj is tell them you're with the CIA. It works for me.


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Regular Memberships are NOW AVAILABLE!

ACT FAST!! Badj rates will increase on February 29rd badj!

Regular Membership costs $0 and provides complete access to all parts of Cardboard*Con (which is pretty much the hotel lobby and the public space of bars and restaurants, per the authorization of the management and staff of those locations), PLUS you get to PASS the line of stupid people who pre-ordered their badj. We mostly do this to piss them off because there's not much else to keep us entertained while handing out badjs (which is sort of untrue since we don't actually hand out badjs, since you don't need one to get in).


Eternal Membership PRICE INCREASE

Permanent Increase : $25,000

Eternal Memberships allow you full access to every part of Cardboard*Con and guarantee that you'll never need to buy another badj ever again, unlike "regular" (less elite) attendees who only have complete access to all parts of Cardboard*Con and pay no fees whatsoever. You should have bought one already, buster. Includes access to exclusive "motor lobby", access to restroom facilities and water fountains (pursuant to the agreement of the hotel staff and security representatives). Eternal Badj Holders receive the special appellation of "chief" and "coach" and sometimes "bubba". DO NOT MISS OUT! ACT NOW!! Click this BUTTON


Registration & Membership Agreement


Your attendance at Cardboard*Con is confirmation that you have agreed to adhere to the following rules and policies. Any deviation which sufficiently deviates from this agreement will result in the unpleasurable ejaculation of the offending party/parties from the event.


Due to fears of adult behavior (like discussing politics), the NEXT edition of our Convention will adhere to a strongly relaxed set of rules which INSIST that you CONSIDER wearing an OFFISHUL BADJ at all times during your attendance of this completely disorganized gathering. Also that you give Captain Drew several $100 bills over the course of the evening.


As in years past we politely suggest that you wear a costume made entirely of cardboard (or as nearly complete as possible), not just because our convention is called "Cardboard*Con" but because you will feel incredibly peculiar standing in normal attire whilst surrounded by people wearing cardboard. Trust us: it's a psychological thing. Trust us: wear cardboard.


Please be sure to tip your servers and bartenders and Captain Drews. Duh.


Please do not approach our all-volunteer staff, as they are known to carry rabies.


If you have too much to drink check into a hotel room. Use the coupon code: CRDBRDCON - this code is highly unlikely to result in a discount price, it will however be a great test of your sobriety and the patience of the people at the check-in desk. If you plan to drink and leave the hotels at the end of the night then you should plan on bringing a designated driver along or using a cab or a ride share service like Lyft or Uber. The convention hotels are bristling with taxi cabs, ready to take you to the airport... and possibly home.

Donations are Good

IF you are so conditioned to paying for convention badges that you simply must spend some money, we would suggest that you make a donation to the Atlanta Children's Shelter. They could sure use it, times are tough.

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Please: No Time-Travelers


† - they always take you home unless you live in Paris, France.

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