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The 16th Annual Cardboard*Con
will be on March 1, 2025!!

Hotels & Event Map

Convention Hotels

While Cardboard*Con is most certainly the best-organized, most-affordable science fiction and fantasy convention in the world, it does not actually have room agreements in place with any of Atlanta's fine convention hotels. For this reason we are as yet unable to provide you with discounted room rates, meal coupons, or drink specials. Please note too, that you should at all times be respectful of each hotel, bar, lounge, and restaurant in which Cardboard*Con is held.

Be Sure to Tip Well!

Please be sure to tip well at all the restaurants and bars you visit during Cardboard*Con. We build our reputation through goodwill and commerce! Be sure to ask your server for boxes you might use to customize your costume. These valuable souvenirs can be traded later at the swap meet.

Trader Vic's

If for any reason you have trouble accessing a hotel (perhaps due to an especially cumbersome costume), you may no longer elect to utilize Trader Vic's street entrance on John Portman Boulevard (formerly Harris Street), as it has been gated off. Instead, break your costume into pieces and transport it into Trader Vic's via the elevator system in the Hilton. Please note that the Hilton ties into the bridge system connecting the remainder of Atlanta's fine convention hotel network, so go get lost!!

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† - there is no swapmeet. Where are you coming up with this stuff??

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