Cardboard Costume Advice!!!!

By Cardboard Captain Drew

My personal philosophy of cardboard box costuming, which you can take or leave as you wish... but you might find it instructive (or not!).

You shouldn't put too much LOVE & EFFORT into your costume because cardboard costuming is the antithesis of EVERYTHING that traditional sci-fi costuming stands for!!

People at other cons pour MONEY and TIME into their costumes and want to be ADORED by others for all their EFFORT because it STROKES their EGOS.

Cardboard costuming, on the other hand, is all about HAVING FUN, the QUICKER the BETTER!! We must HURRY and get to the NEXT PLACE so that we can LAUGH and CAVORT. If our costumes aren't great we don't care because we have THICK SKIN and aren't AFRAID to be LAUGHED AT because we're on a MISSION to HAVE FUN!


You'll get a better visual effect of "raggedy slapdash ridiculosity" if you err on the side of finding boxes (like at a liquor store) that capture the basic color tone of what you want... and if they're not quite right, all the better.

Cut crookedly!

Misjudge proportions!

Accidentally cut off parts and then tape them back on as best you can! It's FUN!!

Don't be afraid to screw up, because that's even BETTER because it's FUNNIER.

Don't try to fake doing a crappy job, just DO a CRAPPY job!!

Best to put it together in a frenzy. If you like a nice drink then have FOUR DRINKS before you start, but use SAFETY SCISSORS to assemble your costume (ALWAYS be CAREFUL!!!)

Have a COSTUME CONSTRUCTION PARTY with some friends!! It's a LOT of FUN!!!

Plain old grey/silver (and even black) duct tape is a GREAT CHOICE because it gives good flexibility while looking thrown together.


Make if FAST and make it SILLY!!!

Just MAKE IT!!! :D



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