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10th Annual Cardboard*Con Deemed Success by Success Teem

All agree with hand on heart that 2019 Cardboard*Con best of ever of EVER! Total story of whole night.

Start at Meehan's Irish Downtown Atlanta Pub Bar!!! Such good peoples there! Please go back anytime and have nice beers and chips! They have tables and chairs!! Seekrit room for us meet in SO GOOD!!!


Students from Morehouse come to do interviews!! WE NOW HISTORIC!!

Time move for PARADE down PEACHTREED STREET!!! Very small group of ever! Concern, but not so bad because less people get in way. VERY COOL. Take different road to stop at statue call "BELLE" made of shiny very shiny not cardboard. Pictures out there in cameras somewhere, maybe get picture here soon OKAY??

Go into Hyatt Regency!! NOT ARREST!! Tak moar pictures, do lot smiling inside boxes. Time move again, down across bridge tunnel - it bridge AND tunnel. Catch lots of POKEMONG. Poor Dragong CONG can't even do THAT in tunnel bridges!! HA!!!! HA!!!! We better.

Get to PULS BAR at MARRIOTT MARKY!!! Guess WHAT??? LOTS OF FURNINGTURE!!!! We sit down on EVERYTHING!!! SO MUCH SIT!!!! Can't do that at Dragon Gcon, NOW CAN???? SEE?? BETTER!!! Lots of drink. Talk. SO MANY SMIL. Happy times of reunioning. New PEOPLE!!! Mak friens with people from other convenshun TOO!!! Is about JOY!!

SING SONG!!! We sing theem song for Cardboard*Con!!!! Did you know it?? "It in MARCH!!! WOOF!!!" - we even hav the real WOOF GUY there to say WOOF at right places!!! SO AMAZE!!!! HOP GET VIDIO SOON!!! You will CRY!!!! So nice.

Eric take photo from railing above. Did you see?? FROM UP IN AIR down on crowd - it get bigger!! MOAR PEOPLE. Even really tall Leelo!! So craze.

TIME MOVE!! We mov early down to Traders VIC because who care??? TIME GO!!! So we go. So nice a PARAD through building. Laughing and fart inside box but nogody know it until NAO. HA!!!

DON'T TOUCH RAIL!!! So many germ

so crazy

TRADERS Vic!!!! We come in - BIG TABLE OF CORNBRAD!!! so much conbread!! IT FREE!!! Did you hav? Kind dry. Choking in box some. But they got RUM so okay. SO MUCH RUM!! Keep get crowded more and mor. Place swarm with cardboard costum!!! SO MANY

GUEST WHO AT BAR??? IT ALTON BROWN!!! He not cook for nobogdy, BUSTER!! He just drink rum and wear hat! HA!!! YOU SHOW UP FOR FREE, WE NO PAY YOU BUSKTER!!! HAHAHAhaha!!! 1ha

Get vidio phone call from Cargboard Con in Colorradoo!!! SO AMAZE!!! ::hart:: ::hart::

TIM For Costum Contes. Line up contessas, sit down judges, START!!! Introduce 15 or 20 costums!! SO CREATVE!!!

Winners named!!

Heartfeel speech by winner Eric Schumacher!!! Room full of LOVE!!

And rum. So much rum.

Convenshun over, people go away!!!!

See you next year!!

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