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The World’s Most Affordable Sci-Fi/Fantasy Cardboard Costuming Convention

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The First and Best

Cardboard*Con is the first and only science fiction / fantasy convention dedicated to the art of cardboard costuming. Encompassing more than 3 Atlanta downtown hotels, Cardboard*Con will has become a tradition among all fun-loving nerds. The SECRET of Cardboard*Con is that there really isn't a plan - you have to make it fun all by yourself, using your imagination and your manners.

Back to Basics

Forget about spandex and latex, at Cardboard*Con we've seen that the future of costuming is double-cored with reinforced edges. Our convention is famous for attracting some of the most talented cardboard costumers from around the world. Put down those pinking shears and pick up the duct tape...

No Long Lines!

Cardboard*Con doesn't suffer from the congestion which plagues other volunteer-based mega sci-fi conventions. We save you, the convention-goer, time and money by using the latest crowd-sourcing techniques to maximize your enjoyment. Also: membership is FREE.

The 11th Annual Cardboard*Con
will be on March 7, 2020!!

Cardboard*Con begins in...


Latest News

Happy, Flappy Corrugadon!!!

Read the new article about our cherished holiday!!

10th Annual Cardboard*Con Total Success

Such great good tim could not have been plan better or else!!

  • Small crowd @ Opening Ceremony
  • Students from Morehouse attend! document event!
  • Parade photo-op at shiny sculpture named Belle
  • Sculptur design by John Portman!!
  • Parade photo-op in Hyatt Regency at big post!!
  • Post inside hotel design by John Portman!!!
  • Attendance double once at Pulse Bar in Marriott
  • Everbody Sing Offishul Cardboard*Con Theem Song!!!
  • Photo of attendees!!
  • Parade to Traders Vic!!
  • Cornbread*Con set have big display! Hand out cornbrad!!!
  • CRAZY!!!
  • Everbody can drink rums get rums! Others don't!!!!
  • Speshul Seekrit Guess FINALLY REVEAL!!! It Alton Brown!!!
  • PARTAY!!!
  • Costum Contess!!!!
  • Third Plac: Lemley Fambly as Generic Space Fambly!!
  • Sekunt Plac: Elizbeth Mire as Sailor Moon!!
  • Firss Plac: Eric Schumacher as Green Space Alien with Tentakuls!!
  • Honorbull Menshun: Bud Lightbeer!!!
  • Honorbull Menshun: krazee protest man!!
  • Honorbul Menshunn: Cornbread*Con reprensativ
  • Honorbull Menshun: Everbody who ever dress up for Cardboard*Con!!
  • Great 10 years!!! Thanks you!!!!
  • Seekrit Closing Ceremonies at Diners aroun Atlanta


Generic Cardboard Action Heroes Commercial Hits!

2019 Cardboard*Con Badj Now On Sale (Now)!!

So much excitement is happen in sci-fi!!

The Official 10th Annual Cardboard*Con Badj

2019 Cardboard*Con Toy Fair Announcements

Surprising everyone, including themselves, officials from Cardboard*Con teased the lineup from their 2019 toy lineup, to be revealed at the 10th Annual Cardboard*Con on March 2rd.

Perfesser Carb'dorbs action doll
Red Monster action doll
Cardboard Barbie doll
Flyboi action doll

Dealer Room Info Updated

Vendors looking to participate in our dealer's room should read the newly updated section 'Vendors & The Dealer's Room' on the About Page. Thank you for your wonderful interest and incredible energy!!

2019 Theme Announced

Shortly after 2am in the wee hours of January 5th, 2019, officials from Cardboard*Con gathered to announce to a hushed stall at the Georgia’s Farmers Market that the theme for this year’s Cardboard*Con will be “Generic Cardboard Space Adventure” .

2018 Wrap-up

A recap of the 9th annual Cardboard*Con is now available in our new History section! It details the botched attempt to begin the convention, resulting in a shocking year without an official opening ceremony!!! It also revisits some of the special things that happened this year. Be sure to read the 2018 recap today!

The History of the Badj

No other science fiction con has a badj as hard to get as ours, but how did it all begin? Find out more using modern hyperlink technology!

Website Updates

We've added a new History section, where information about previous events has been collected!

New Theme Song

On February 22, 2018 Cardboard*Con unveiled its new Official Theme Song, "This is Cardboard*Con!", performed by the Cardboard Enthusiasm Choir, featuring Spot the wonder dinobox, mascot for the 2018 Games.

New Tagline

On February 22, 2018 Cardboard*Con unveiled its new tagline “It’s in March!”™, which has polled well in the 80 to 95 year old nerd segment.

2018 is our dinosaur theme!




Pre-Production has commenced on our latest commercial, with music recorded by popular 80s band Denim Arcade. Next up is casting and filming!



Cardboard*Con is the ONLY cool convention to have its own Official Theme Song! Have you heard it? Go listen to it now!!

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