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The World’s Most Affordable Sci-Fi/Fantasy Cardboard Costuming Convention

The 9th Annual Cardboard*Con
will be on Saturday March 3, 2018!!

Guests of Cardboard*Con

Attendees of Cardboard*Con are not the sort who are easily impressed by champion meme-shapers like George Takei, former child actors like Wilt Whedon, or glib-tongued writers like Jox Weston, creator of a popular space cowboy series called “Foxfire”. No, our fans are the sort of people who get excited about the feel of a well-folded flap, fabric-reinforced packing tape, the percussive sound of a craft knife shuddering across the grain of a corrugated panel.

2017 Guests

Our guest list for 2017 is pending. Who do you want to see??? How come?

The List is Now Happoningn!!!!

Note: There is currently no way to be certain that this list is reliable, as it is automatically generated by rum.

Crisp Ratt

Crisp Ratt

Not Invited!

As the star of such films as "Man in a Hole", "The Shoeshine Man Cometh", "Space People", and "Space People 2", Crisp may (or may not) ever find out about Cardboard*Con, but if he does it will certainly be interesting for him to know that he would have been paid TWICE as much as the other guests.

Robby Hilliard

Robby Hilliard


After several lackluster appearances at Cardboard*Con Robbie went on a sabbatical and took stock of his remaining years and decided to leave the sci-fi convention circuit and dedicate his life to the advocacy of cardboard beards. He is now an unofficial spokesman for CardBeard*Con, which we have been informed has alarmed the founders of that convention. Expect fireworks this year when our conventions once again collide.


Captain Lazer


Captain Lazer is strange weirdo from beyond. Him blow up with cardboards and rush to danger with cardboard. Him is everywhere that cardboard is and nowhere that cardboard isn't. Him is Lazer. Call him anytime.




AlwaysLoveLorn is a 21st century model who enjoys video games, horror flicks, cardboard cosplay, and string cheese. She has appeared in panels at various sci-fi conventions and is a fan of the small con. When asked how she plans to deal with her fans at Cardboard*Con she arched an eyebrow and pointed at a nearby trash compacter.

Hollis Gillespie


Hollis Gillespie – founder of The Shocking Real Life Writing Academy is a writer, humorist, syndicated columnist, NPR commentator, stand-up comedienne, and airline industry expert to Doctor Oz. She's been on the cover of Atlanta magazine, Creative Loafing, Tampa’s Weekly Planet and Cardboard Exploitation Weekly. Hollis has been profiled in Marie Claire, Bust, Writer’s Digest, Entertainment Weekly and The European Corrugation Journal, with television appearances on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, TBS Storyline, Monica Kaufman’s Closeups, Good Day Atlanta, TV Land and Captain Drew's All-Cardboard Review. Her radio commentaries have appeared on National Public Radio (NPR), Georgia Public Broadcasting and the Canadian Hobo Channel (CHC). Asked if she would consider appearing once again at Cardboard*Con Hollis shouted "I HAVE A RESTRAINING ORDER, JERKWAD!!!". Stay tuned.

Thomas Kerns

Thomas Kerns, Chief Commander of Tech Ops Division


We are cautiously announcing the potential first appearance of our elusive Tech Ops Commander Thomas Kerns, who has been with our convention (at least in spirit) for more than X years (where X approaches infinity). Thomas trained for his position at a moderately popular Atlanta-based sci-fi convention held every Labor Day and serves as a member of a the elder Chattanooga convention Chattacon. Thomas enjoys couches.


Wes Wilson

Pink Letters

Wes is a big wheel at Play On Con, an annual family-friendly four day fantasy and science fiction fandom convention held in the wilds of Alabama. Wes' passions include his wife, his children, border crossings, disorganization, flypaper, and words that rhyme with "rhyme". Wes does not currently endorse the use of the Eaton comma.

If you have guests you'd like to suggest please use the contact form or slip a hand-written note into the prominently displayed cardboard box in the 7th floor community commons at Cardboard*Con University, a map for which can be seen in the advertisement following each Thursday night's episode of Mannix on over-the-air station 42.

Previous Guests of Cardboard*Con

2016: 7th Anniversary Guests

Even better than potatoes

  • The Colonel
  • Commander Chew Boxxa
  • Admiral Ackboxx
  • The Cardboard Ambassador
  • Cardboard Drumpf
  • Alfeo "Cardboard Head" Dixon
  • Robby Hilliard
  • Wes Wilson
  • Thomas Kerns (BoxOps)
  • Crisp Ratt
  • Hollis Gillespie

2015: 6th Anniversary Guests

Best Con Evar!

  • Quentin Tarantino (neglected to send him invitation)
  • Hollis Gillespie
  • Robby Hilliard
  • The Box Hero Corps
  • Peter the Cardboard Ambassador
  • Captain Drew

2014: 5th Anniversary Guests

A special thanks to these guests for making our 5th anniversary so special!

  • Dolores Fingerhut
  • Stephen Larkworthy
  • The Box Hero Corps
  • Admiral Ackbox
  • Joel Rummington
  • The Colonel
  • Captain Drew

2013: All-Star Guests

Many thanks to this year's guests, especially those who attempted to bathe before the event.

  • Cardboard Boba Fett
  • Thomas Kerns
  • Photognome
  • The Box Hero Corps
  • Admiral Ackbox
  • Captain Drew
  • William Shatner was unable to attend because he was not invited
  • Candace (you know who you are!)

Please note that if you want a guest to sign your costume you must bring your own Sharpie!


† - you know, Jim Womble, the guy who invented Buffer the Vampire Hunny? Foxfire? He directed Avenchers??? That guy? Totally overrated in our opinion.

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